Project Artists Date
AKTIONSARKIVET – Kampen fortsätter
John Huntington och Per-Arne Sträng February 12, 2014
Angel´s Garden
Maki Saitou July 1, 2014
Använd en gång
Ebba Forslind October 31, 2014
Augmented Spatiality – Hökarängen Project
Jacek Smolicki och Maria Andueza August 30, 2013
Bränd Ängsmark
Malin Tivenius September 11, 2014
Conform 100  
Erik Rosman April 19, 2013
Den Strikta Oredan
Sara Engberg November 22, 2013
Dimensions Of a Portrait
Ami Kohara och Vika Eksta August 30, 2014
Display for Live Performance
Anna Kinbom May 5, 2015
Drawing dialog pieces
Ingrid Ogenstedt och Anna Sörenson December 19, 2014
Dusk and Dawn
Elisabeth Frieberg September 20, 2013
En höstutställning – måleri
Cia Ringertz, Marcus Wikström och Josef Alexanderson October 10, 2014
Jenny Åkerlund och Louise Åkerlund April 10, 2015
Exhibition (Theloop)
Tetyana Goryushina April 15, 2015
Finne fjell-grav deg ned i tide
Line Anda Dalmar och Hilde Franzén May 15, 2015
God Made The Neutron
Tor-Finn Malum Fitje och Katarina Henriksson February 19, 2015
Göken fröken göken
Lars Hedelin May 8, 2013
Sarah Jost June 12, 2014
Hot Beverages
Ami Kohara, Erik Sjödin och Matti Sumari June 9, 2015
18498988558_4d4ea04a66_o 18064117304_268c421737_oIMG_3743 Hot Beverages On the 9th June, Ami Kohara, Erik Sjödin and Matti Sumari will serve Shiso, Azolla and Chaga tea at Cigarrvägen 13. The tea will be served in a tea ceremony in the gallery space which will be turned into a ceremonial tea room. The Chaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus) is found on birch trees wherever they grow. The fungus is a parasitic species on birch trees and this lethal infection causes black, swelling outgrowths. These tumors have traditionally been used as tea, foremost in Russia. The tea is believed to have healing capacities, first introduced to a wide audience in the West through the Nobel Prize winner Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's book Cancer Ward. During the last few years, tea made from the chaga mushroom has also been launched as an expensive food supplement and can now be found in health food stores. Scientific research has shown the tea to have anti-inflammatory and anti-­tumor effects on humans. What can this wretched tumor tell us? Azolla (Azolla filiculoides) is a water fern that grows on water surfaces in temperate and tropical regions. It is one of the world's fastest growing plants and a rich source of nutrients. Azolla is not commonly eaten today, but it has been suggested by Japanese Space Agriculture researchers as a potential food stuff for future Mars settlers. Departing from this research Erik Sjödin has since 2010 explored how the plant can be cultivated and cooked. Among other things he has concluded that dried Azolla quite successfully can be used for tea. The healthiness of eating or drinking Azolla is not well investigated. However, Azolla is used as a traditional cough medicine in Tanzania and it has been shown that cows that eat Azolla increase their milk production. There are some concerns that Azolla may contain BMAA, a neurotoxin that has been linked to neurodegenerative diseases. However, BMAA can also found in many common sea foods, for example Swedish clams, and is only toxic in large quantities. Drink at your own judgement. Shiso (Perilla frutescens) is an Asian culinary herb which is a common food stuff in Japan. Shiso has been purported to have various beneficial qualities. It is used for a variety of conditions related to the respiratory system including asthma, nasal inflammation, and congestion from allergies and colds. It is also used to treat gastrointestinal conditions such as vomiting and morning sickness. Additionally, Shiso is said to promote a healthy immune system. In Asia Shiso is an ingredient in summer teas which are used to replenish energy and fluid drained by the summer heat. Let’s hope for good weather.       
Antje Feger och Benjamin F Stumpf August 9, 2013
let’s pretend we live here
Jakob Krajcik, Sally Müller och Heather Jones October 25, 2013
One is a visitor or visited one goes or stays one conquers or is conquered
Anne-Liis Kogan April 25, 2014
Ordning & röra
Jorans Livs October 3, 2014
Performance Lab
Marja-Leena Sillanpää, Ulrika Gomm, Jens Evaldsson, Martin Ståhl, Marie Gavois, Anita Wernström och Erik Wijkström March 21, 2015
Precarios – Burnout – Bureaucrazy
Marika Markström April 24, 2015
Provrummet – Awaiting Further Instructions
Maija Luutonen och Marianne Spurr May 25, 2013
Provrummet – Stora Saker
Emma Hammarèn August 15, 2013
Provrummet – The Albanians
Niklas Tafra och Sanna Marander May 3, 2013
Provrummet – Tretton Träd
Ylva Trapp March 20, 2013
Sara Alfredsson February 27, 2015
Ingrid Furre och Ami Kohara December 14, 2013
Resedagbok från ett stillastående liv
Lisa Him Jensen October 23, 2014
Lars Hedelin och Jonatan Lennman April 1, 2015
Jonas Gazell April 30, 2015
Viktoria Kindstrand March 8, 2015
Self Service Station
Julie Riis Andersen, Emma LaMorte och Iselin Toubro March 28, 2014
Smoke Screen
Alexandra Larsson Jacobson September 25, 2014
Som viskleken
Nike Spengler och Emil Zingmark January 23, 2015
Tall tales
Edda Mac, Björn Leó Brynjarsson och Brynja Sveinsdóttir February 21, 2014
The Line Looks Like Fruit
Sara Wolfert May 30, 2015
Untitled (Exhibiton)
Olof Nimar November 7, 2014
Ursprung och Snöbollsjorden
Matilda Ekström August 20, 2013
Utsikt Från ett rum
Ylva Trapp och The Artist's Window February 7, 2015
Var e lampan?
Tommy Persson May 9, 2014
Johan Wahlgren, Helena Piipo Larsson, Frida Krohn, Ylva Trapp, Maryam Fanni, Per-Arne Sträng och Ami Kohara May 25, 2014
Maria Högbacke och Anita Wernström May 21, 2015
Vid Sidan Om Explosionen
kristoffer Grip, stina Persson och jenny Carlsson April 11, 2014
Wind situation
Anna-Lena Jaktlund October 19, 2013
With Everyone’s Imagination Atrophied, No One Will Ever Be a Threat to the World #3.
Pavel Matveyev June 23, 2014
Your application is pending
Anna Sörenson March 7, 2013
圈(Circle) – A series of images seen
Lena Bergendahl December 5, 2014
圈(Circle) – Act as if there is no center
Jiajia Zhang December 13, 2014
圈(Circle) – Emotional Snack Bar II ♨
Kah Bee Chow November 29, 2014
圈(Circle) – Sorterandet av små träd
Max Ockborn November 22, 2014